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Nd-YAG Laser 90% Effective Eradicating Toenail Fungus

PMNews Letters By: Bryan C. Markinson, DPM The Podiatrist in the News Part 2 – PM News 4-13- 2012 highlights Dr. Kevin Gavin and attributes the following quotes regarding onychomycosis therapy to him: “Topical medications require application twice daily and work less than half of the time. Oral medications can be toxic to the liver […]

The Cost of Laser Treatment for Fungus in Tampa, FL

Many people ask us about the cost of Nail’n’Toe. There is no simple answer. We have developed the treatment protocol and trained many doctors how to maximize the clinical results for their patients. We have provided general guidelines on pricing and marketing support for our network providers. However, each medical office has their priorities, costs […]

Beer Soak for Fungus. You Cannot Be Serious!

Wow! Internet is a wonderful thing. Just got a big laugh out of it: beer soak as a homeopathic remedy for nail fungus. Wow! I have to give these guys a credit for publishing (quite seriously) the most ridiculous treatment method to get rid of a fungal infection. The article starts out with the standard […]

Artificial Nails and Fungus

Provided by Nail’n’Toe Clearwater, FL Laser for toenail fungus Women with toenail fungus have always tried to cover their unsightly nail. One of the more recent trends – acrylic nails. Any pedicure salon can offer the service these days. Looks nice, but… You actually help fungi grow by enforcing the protective shield, which your natural […]

Five Signs of Nail Fungus

Provided by Nail’n’Toe Miami Laser treatment of nail fungal infections in South Florida Nail fungus can go undetected for months before signs and symptoms become visible. Look out for these five. 1. Yellowish nails We all know what healthy toenails look like. If any of your toenails start turning yellow, brown or black, this usually […]

Colloidal Silver for Toenail Fungus

Provided by Nail’n’Toe Tampa, FL (Laser treatment of fungus in Tampa Bay Florida) Here is something that may help as part of the anti-fungal therapy – colloidal silver. Known for many useful properties silver has been used as a home remedy for centuries. It’s not a cheap solution but it may add to the standard […]

Oils? For Fungus or Salad?

By Mark Leitner, DPM Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists / Nail’n’Toe provider in Brandon, FL When it comes to toenail fungus treatment options there is nothing more amusing than listening to a new patient telling me about his/her experience in using yet another oil to treat onychomycosis. Tea tree oil is the ultimate leader. But […]

Fungal Laser in Brandon, FL

Got Nail Fungus? We Have a Cure! A cure! That’s what people with nail fungus would like to hear from their doctor. They would also like to have their insurance pay for the treatment. The reality, however, is far from being that simple. At least 3 million Florida residents suffer from a fungal infection in […]

What is Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)?

Onychomycosis (i.e. Toenail Fungus) is often a very uncomfortable condition that may have both physical and psychological consequences to the individual with Toenail Fungus . Onychomycosis (OM or Toenail Fungus ) is one of the fungal diseases that results from a dermatophytic invasion of the toenails. In the last few years, new oral Toenail Fungus […]

How to Prevent Fungus Infection

After the first Nail’n’Toe™ treatment you will get a Care Kit, which will contain a detailed instructional sheet about your preventive regimen. General Guidelines 1. Fungi thrive in warm and moist environments with limited exposure to light and their population can grow very quickly. Spores of the fungus can survive indefinitely in your favorite arm […]