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Artificial Nails and Fungus

Provided by Nail’n’Toe Clearwater, FL
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Covering fungus by artificial nailsWomen with toenail fungus have always tried to cover their unsightly nail. One of the more recent trends – acrylic nails. Any pedicure salon can offer the service these days. Looks nice, but…

You actually help fungi grow by enforcing the protective shield, which your natural nail already is. Fungus thrives in moist, dark and poorly ventilated spaces. This is exactly what artificial nails offer!

It’s understandable that the artificial nails is a very tempting option. In the long run, however, it is also one of the worst ones. Consider Nail’n’Toe to get rid of fungus under nails on toes and/or fingers, and when your nail are healthy and fully grown again – get your fancy acrylics on.

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