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Beer Soak for Fungus. You Cannot Be Serious!

Can it work?Wow! Internet is a wonderful thing. Just got a big laugh out of it: beer soak as a homeopathic remedy for nail fungus. Wow!

I have to give these guys a credit for publishing (quite seriously) the most ridiculous treatment method to get rid of a fungal infection.

The article starts out with the standard paragraph about ugly nails and then goes on to an intriguing solution kick-off: “So if you don’t wish to take a prescription medication as recommended by a doctor, what do you do? Fortunately there is another option for folks who prefer the homeopathic approach to medicine.”

The author claims that combining a stout beer (Guiness is the best, of course) with white vinegar and acidophilus you can create a magical medicinal soak right in the comfort of your home!

Among other pseudo-scientific allegations there is one I like the most: this potent nail fungus soak allows “the acidic environment to permeate (enter) the nail in order to do its job”. First of all, you do not need to “permeate the nail” because dermatophytes that cause the nail damage reside in the nail bed and the root of the nail – unreachable even for the darkest and the most full body beer in the world! Secondly, Some of the best minds in R&D departments of very well funded pharmaceutical giants have been trying to figure out an effective way to get under the nail and deliver medication to the nailbed to do its lethal job on dermatophytes – but sadly have failed so far. Do you seriously think scientists don’t drink beer? Or don’t know what’s in it? You cannot be serious!

According to the author, “Once you have made this mixture, the same batch can be used repeatedly for up to 48 hours. Don’t throw it out right away.” Considering that you have to soak your feet twice a day (each time for 30 minutes) for about 6 months, you’ll need a lot of beer and vinegar! So save a lot on reusing the mixture for two straight days! Beware though: don’t use on a third day! Life goes on in that mixture, and you can’t even imagine what you can find in the soak a few days after preparation. Baby alligators infested with fungus may start popping out in a couple of weeks!

Contrary to the author’s prescription quoted above, “This treatment should start to show efficacy within one week to one month, depending on the individual and the severity of the fungal infection. The treatment is most effective if strictly adhered to instead of missing regular treatments.”

Good luck! I just have one modest recommendation: after six months of the program and wasting over 330 bottles (I calculated at least 55 6-packs) go see a podiatrist or a dermatologist that offers a laser assisted treatment plan in your area. Cost? The beer soak will cost you about $800. Three or four medical treatments will cost about the same, but save you 360 hours or more. Get serious! Life is short – don’t waste beer and your time.

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