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Comprehensive Therapy for a Complex Disorder

Toenail and finger nail infections are typically caused by dermatophytes, a group of fungi that get into the nail bed and thrive off the nail slowly turning it into a disfigured and ugly looking claw. Yeasts and molds can also be responsible for nail infections. Several types of fungal infections have been identified by medical practitioners, with toenail fungus (Onychomycosis or Tinea unguium), being the most prevalent. You could have a combination of pathogens or germs that cause the disease.

Due to the complexity of Onychomycosis many people suffer from these recurring infections for decades and have yet to find the miracle cure among pharmacy shelves loaded with OTC drugs and endless home remedies offered by scores of vendors on the internet.

The truth is that treatment of nail infections presents a challenge for most physicians also. There is no golden standard. There is no 100% guarantee.

Recent advances in laser technologies and drug delivery devices allow practitioners to be significantly more successful in treating fungal infections than in the past. Nail’n’Toe practitioners design a specific and very comprehensive therapy course for each patient. The program will include multiple treatment modalities, topical preparations, sanitization and preventive regimen.

One very important aspect of the therapy, which is commonly neglected, is prevention. Patients with fungal nails are very susceptible to re-infections. They can be successfully treated, but since the fungus is everywhere in the environment these people may have to deal with recurrences of Onychomycosis. A complex decontamination and preventive regimen are critical for the success of the therapy.

Nail’n’Toe provides customized recommendations for our patients on how to sanitize their homes and reduce their chances of re-infections. We recommend devices and products, such as special fabrics, hosiery and shoes, which are very helpful for these purposes.

For more information about our comprehensive approach, contact Nail’n’Toe to schedule an appointment and start your therapy.

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