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Five Signs of Nail Fungus

Provided by Nail’n’Toe Miami
Laser treatment of nail fungal infections in South Florida

Click to watch a fungus slideshowNail fungus can go undetected for months before signs and symptoms become visible. Look out for these five.

1. Yellowish nails
We all know what healthy toenails look like. If any of your toenails start turning yellow, brown or black, this usually spells trouble and you need to have it diagnosed.

2. A nail is thick, flaky, pitted, crooked and falling apart
If the nail breaks easy and often, or worse, begins lifting at the tip – rest assured, you got it!  Fungi are in the nail bed causing the nail to crumble.

3. There are smelly residue under nail
You’ve waited too long! Byproducts of the thriving fungus have a horrid odor.

4. The nail is slowly but surely turning black
That’s black fungus! Looks bad, but might be easier to treat with laser than a white onychomycosis.

5. Thickened, distorted and lifting nails
It might be too late for the rescue. If the matrix (the root of the nail) is destroyed, even Nail’n’Toe might be helpless. We can try but no guarantees of success.

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