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Fungus and Psoriasis

Accurate diagnosis of patients with nail problems is very important for the success of the treatment. Many patients with mild cases of skin psoriasis believe that their nail problems are caused by fungus. Without consulting with a doctor they go to a pharmacy and get an OTC anti-fungal topical solution or search online and end up buying some home remedies for yellow and disfigured nails.

Such “treatments” are highly unlikely to help anybody to get rid of fungus but typically are harmless for patients with mycotic nails. For patients with psoriatic nails, however, the application of anti-fungal solutions may in fact aggravate their nail problems.

Nail involvement is a common feature of psoriasis and affects about 50% of patients. Despite this, it is an often overlooked feature of the disease, and patients tend to be focused on clearing the cutaneous component of psoriasis. Nail psoriasis initially looks very similar to onychomycosis: thick, discolored, and crumbling nails, which may make it difficult for a consumer to be correct in the self diagnosed decision. Nail psoriasis at more advanced stages is associated with discomfort in many patients and leads to significant functional impairment and psychological stress. The often distressing appearance of affected nails impacts the patient tremendously in both work and social activities.

Your podiatrist or dermatologist can detect the early signs of the severe disease by promptly diagnosing and managing your nail condition and customize the course of treatment.

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