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If You Cannot Take Oral Antifungals

There is an ongoing debate among doctors about what can be prescribed for the treatment of fungal nail infections if the patient should not take oral medication due to liver, kidney or other concerns. There are at least two schools of thought on this issue.

Several formulations of topical antifungal agents are available: lacquers, solutions, creams, and gels. Traditional doctor will recommend or sell a lacquers and/or solutions for a fungal disease involving only the nail plate, and a cream or a gel when the tinea infection involves toes and feet as well as the nails. Typically these formulations have a small content of an active ingredient, and even if it’s available at the doctor’s office only, chances are the product will not produce the expected result if used alone.

Topical antifungal agents are usually not curative for onychomycosis when used as monotherapy. However they may be partially effective in improving or preventing further progression of tinea unguium in a patient with dermatophyte infection of the nails who is unable to tolerate oral antimycotic drugs.

Nail’n’Toe providers use a strong anti-fungal formulation available by prescription only through a compound pharmacy. It is part of the treatment plan, i.e. used in conjunction with other therapies customized by doctors for each individual patient.

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