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LightPod Forte™ for Podiatrists

The LightPod Forte™ has set a new standard for the treatment of Onychomycosis with greater than 90% clearance after 2-3 treatments.

In an analysis of 26 published clinical studies involving oral therapies, a complete cure was achieved in only 25 – 59% of patients receiving standard courses of therapy. Recurrences occur in 10 – 53% patients.

A survey of over 120 podiatry offices in Florida and Georgia demonstrated that laser treatment fees for Onychomycosis range from $799 to $1295 for treating all toes on both feet. Adding the laser treatment for toenail fungus to any podiatric practice becomes a must as the patients awareness of the available laser treatment continues to grow.

According to Marc Garfield, DPM in Williamsburg, VA, “if you don’t think your patients will pay for it – think again”.

“I review oral, topical and a laser option with every patient in terms of risk and benefits and almost every patient (that schedules an appointment for the laser to begin with) desires the laser treatment after full disclosure of available options, costs and post treatment protocols”, –  Dr. Garfield said.

The newest laser by Aerolase, LightPod Forte is applicable to a wide range of conditions in the foot and ankle, including fungal material, vascular formations, pigmented spots, scars and tattoo ink particles.

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