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Will Listerine and Oils Help Rid of Toenail Fungus

listerine and tea tree oil for fungusStill hoping to get rid of nail fungus on your own in the comfort of your home?

Sorry to disappoint you, but your chances of succeeding, that is completely removing fungal spores from the nail beds of your toes and/or fingers, are lower than 10%.

Toenail fungi (aka dermatophytes) infect nails by entering through a small crack or opening, often caused by a micro injury,  in the cuticle or under the tip if the nail plate. Fungal spores thrive in the warm and moist environment of your shoes and socks, as well as other cozy places in your house.

Once a toenail has become infected, it will not go away on its own nor can you scrape or cut it away. At the onset of the infection toenails look pale and yellowish but they become increasingly darker in color, thicker and uglier as the infection progresses. The fungus will eventually damage the nail and surrounding skin tissues, causing a more severe infection accompanied by yeast infections, inflammation and soreness.

For years, homemade remedies such as Listerine have topped the list of effective toenail fungus treatments. With advances in active ingredients and improved formulation, skin care solutions may provide some relief to this disease but are unable to offer the cure.

Topical creams and applications have been developed using a combination of low potency drugs and natural oils, such as tea tree and emu oils, which may inhibit fungal growth in the skin. However nail bed is where the toenail fungus resides – safely shielded by the nail. Unfortunately, none of the topical preparations available on the market can penetrate the nail and deliver active ingredients to the target in order to destroy the fungus.

Listerine, Vicks VapoRub and their combinations with other ingredients such as Peppermint, Menthol and Grape Seed extract, are useful for cleaning and healing damaged skin tissue and help prevent reinfections. In other words, if your prime goal is to get rid of fungus in your nails you need to take a complex anti-fungal therapy, such as Nail’n’Toe, prescribed by a medical professional, and once you are fungus-free as confirmed by culture or biopsy tests, you should stick to a preventive regimen, which may include different topical preparations.

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