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Toenail Fungus: Why Did I Get It

Where and how you can get a nail fungal infectionA number of risk factors are known to increase the likelihood of developing toenail fungus, including age, a family history of the infection, smoking, heavy perspiration, etc. People over 55 tend to get it easier than the younger population. However, children can get it too.

Humid or moist environment,  uncomfortable socks or shoes, poor personal hygiene are leading factors, especially in cases of even a minor nail injury.

Anyone with diabetes, circulatory problems and a weak immune system may be at greater risk for developing toenail fungus.

Where did I get it?

Nail salon, public shower, locker room, other people’s socks or shoes, contaminated nail clippers, pets… the fungi are everywhere.

The most common way to get nail fungus is from trauma or damage to the toe nail or cuticle. A gap or split in the nail may give an easy entry point for the opportunistic fungi looking for a new place to multiply.

If your nails are too long, they may bang or rub against the inside of your shoe and cause an opening. In addition, excessively long nails will often begin to curve and not grow straight. This can lead to possible ingrown toenails which also lead to openings for dermatophytes.

Your nail care practices and condition of the clippers are very important.  That’s why household decontamination and preventive regimen are critical components of the Nail’n’Toe therapy.

Early diagnosis and adequate medical treatment may make a big difference. Symptoms can include a white or yellow discoloration underneath the tip of the nail, a thickening, crumbling or deforming of the nail. If left untreated, toenail fungus can lead to a more serious infection and may spread to other nails. This ailment is especially dangerous to anyone who suffers from diabetes, but can pose a serious danger to anyone who does not seek proper treatment. In addition, toenail fungus may cause permanent nail damage.

I have smelly toes that itch and make it uncomfortable for me to walk.

The odor and pain in the nail area are definitive toenail fungus symptom. In an advanced stage. Don’t waste any time or money on OTC drugs or home remedies – go to a doctor, who will assess the damage and offer treatment options.

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