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Is there a topical treatment that works on toenail fungus?

Big toe has bad nail fungusIt would be a dream-come-true for millions if unsightly fungal infections in toenails could be cleared away with an ointment or cream. Unfortunately, there are no miracles in the field of topical medications, and more often than not it takes a lot more than an anti-fungal lotion to get rid of fungus.

According to Dr. John Giurini, head of podiatry at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, there are different types of fungi that can infect toenails, and some are worse than others. Occasionally someone experiences a superficial infection on the surface of the nail, which might respond to a topical treatment. But the majority of infections occur underneath the cuticle and affect the root and the matrix of the nail. The typical signs are discolored nails that become thickened or brittle; the nail may break off or begin to grow in a different shape or angle. Sometimes a thicker nail can cause pain while wearing shoes or if an ingrown nail develops.

Toenail fungus/onychomycosis is a complex problem, which requires a comprehensive therapy course with the use of multiple modalities to create a synergy of various treatments and achieve the best results for a specific patient. Nail’n’Toe offers an effective protocol administered by healthcare providers, which can help you eliminate the fungus and improve the appearance of the skin on toes and fingers.

The therapy also emphasizes the importance of prevention of re-infection of nails. Some of the basic recommendations are: avoid walking barefoot in public showers, pools, and gym locker rooms. After bathing, dry your feet well between the toes, and change out of socks and shoes immediately if your feet get sweaty or damp. Use caution if getting a pedicure; infections can be passed through foot baths and instruments that are not properly sterilized. We also recommend against pedicures for people with diabetes or arthritis, or for those taking immunosuppressive drugs that put them at higher risk of infections.

The care kit you will receive after the first treatment session will include products and customized household decontamination and prevention instructions, which are a critical part of your therapy to get rid of fungus.

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