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Comprehensive approach to treating fungal nails

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Unlike most treatments, Nail'n'Toe™ was not developed by a drug or device manufacturer.


Fungal nail infections and in particular Onychomycosis are hard-to-cure, mainly due to the following factors:

  • Pathogens reside in the "nail bed", which is effectively protected by the nail itself. Conventional topical medications cannot go through the nail. Special treatment modalities and/or drug delivery devices are required to destroy fungus under nails.
  • Fungi, yeast and mold are present everywhere in the host’s environment: home (members of the household, bed sheets, carpets, rugs, socks, hosiery, shoes, clothes, nail care tools, etc); as well as outside of the patient’s home (locker rooms, public showers, nail salons, etc.) – i.e. in all warm and moist locations with lack of sunlight.
  • Individuals who have had tinea infections remain highly susceptible to reinfections.

The Nail'n'Toe protocol was originally developed by a group of doctors in Florida, New York and Massachusetts (podiatrists, dermatologists, laser and cosmetic surgeons, primary care physicians). Nail'n'Toe network of physicians continues to expand in the United States. Many of the member providers continue to refine our proprietary therapeutic methods to address all aspects of a comprehensive course of treatment, which can provide the highest cure rate now and, going forward, will continue improving with technological advances in each individual modality and component of the therapy.

Nail'n'Toe does not rely on any monotherapy (e.g. laser treatment or topical anti-fungal). We use reliable medicine in conjunction with various devices attempting to achieve the best results for each patient.

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