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Comprehensive. Customizable. Affordable.

Nail’n’Toe™ is an all-inclusive therapy designed by doctors to eliminate fungus, keep it away and improve the appearance of nails and toes. The program consists of:

1. The initial evaluation by the doctor and staff

2. An individual therapy course recommended by your doctor, which may include two (2) or more treatment sessions (all toes on both feet are treated each time) with the use of multiple modalities:

  • nail debridement (trimming and filing),
  • laser treatment of nail fungus and/or
  • treatment by other devices, and
  • prescription medication (topical, sometimes oral).

3. Care Kit (optional, more about Care Kits):

  • ultraviolet shoe sanitizer,
  • antifungal socks,
  • personal hygiene items for foot and toenail care.

4. Prevention:

  • household decontamination and sanitization instructions,
  • preventive regimen.

5. Follow-up visit(s)

What is the cost?

Each patient will receive a custom treatment plan. Most insurance plan do not cover this therapy, and a cash payment will be required for Nail'n'Toe treatments and the care kit. Several treatment options will be explained to you so you can make the appropriate informed decision.

We offer several financing programs, including 0% deferred payment plan, which make the Nail'n'Toe therapy more affordable than ever. For example, a monthly payment for the 18 month program is only $50.

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We have multiple locations in Florida (Tampa Bay | Miami-Dade) and the U.S. Northeast. The network is expanding into many other states. Contact us now to find the closest provider.

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