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After the first treatment session all patients are provided with a prescription topical medication to take and use at home. A care kit, consisting of a UV shoe sanitizer, anti-fungal socks and personal hygiene items is available for purchase. Each patient receives household decontamination and preventive regimen instructions. This is a very important part of the therapy. Your provider will eliminate the fungus during in-office treatment sessions but the doctor cannot prevent you from getting reinfected again.

Fungi are everywhere in the environment, and patients with mycotic nails are very susceptible to reinfections. Without a diligent commitment to preventive measures and regimen your chances of getting the same or a different species of fungi are very high. That's why there is abundant anecdotal evidence that a single laser treatment of toenail fungus is not effective by itself because the patient may get a new infection from his or her own shoes soon after the treatment.

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  • ultraviolet shoe sanitizer,
  • anti-fungal socks,
  • soap and other personal hygiene items

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