Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed Nail'n'Toe Therapy?

This comprehensive therapy was developed by a group of doctors, practicing in Florida, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts, who had researched and tried all known modalities to treat fungus, and collaborated to create this packaged course of treatment. The research and development has never been sponsored or paid for by any drug or equipment manufacturer. This proprietary protocol will continue to evolve with advances in each treatment modality and feedback from all participating providers. Read more >

What does it include?

Nail’n’Toe™ is a comprehensive therapy designed to eliminate fungus and improve the appearance of nails, fingers and toes. The course consists of:

1. Initial evaluation by physician

2. An individual therapy course prescribed by the physician, which may include two (2) or more treatment sessions (typically all toes are treated each time) with the use of multiple modalities:

  • nail debridement,
  • laser treatment and/or
  • treatment by other devices, and
  • topical medication.

3. Care Kit:

  • proprietary topical medications,
  • ultraviolet shoe sanitizer,
  • household decontamination instructions,
  • preventive regimen instructions.

4. Follow-up visit(s)

Does my insurance cover it?

The laser procedure is considered aesthetic and therefore not covered by health insurance. Medical IRAs, health savings accounts, or flexible spending accounts may be used. Doctor visits and debridement of nails may be covered. Schedule the evaluation appointment with your doctor and discuss your options.

How much does it cost?

This whole course of treatment includes medical procedures with the use of multiple modalities (all toes are treated - not just the ones that appear to be infected), medications, anti-fungal equipment, products, sanitization instructions and preventive regimen.

Every cost saving effort has been made to optimize costs and doctor fees. The staff at the provider's office will discuss your options based on the evaluation and work with you to make the therapy affordable.

Considering the efficacy and the comprehensive and all-inclusive approach, Nail'n'Toe is the most cost effective course of treatment and attainable for anyone who takes their nail fungus seriously.

How do I pay for the therapy?

Cash, money orders, checks and credit cards are accepted by all providers.

Many providers offer financing, including 0% differed payment plans and programs with low interest rates, which will bring your monthly payments to an affordable level.

Schedule your evaluation and discuss your payment options in your provider's office.

Can I have just one nail treated?

Our policy is to treat all ten nails to ensure that any trace of the infection, that may have spread without symptoms, have been eradicated. Toenails particularly, as they are tightly packed in socks and shoes, are a high risk for fungal spores spreading.

Does Nail'n'Toe work on finger nails?

Of course! In fact it is easier to treat fungal infections on fingers. Finger nail treatment is assessed on a case by case basis. In some infections all the nails would be treated, in others, just the infected or neighbouring fingers.

What is the efficacy of the therapy?

Based on the feedback from all providers, Nail'n'Toe is the best course of treatment. Proprietary comprehensive methods are used to achieve the best results for each patient. We hit the fungus with every modality known to be effective. Each case is different. You should discuss yours with your provider.

Does it hurt and what is the downtime?

Nails are not removed, and pain is not an issue during treatment sessions. There is no downtime or any discomfort after you leave the office. Unless prescribed otherwise by the provider, you can typically put your nail polish (if you have to do it) and get back to your regular activities without any restrictions. Make sure, however, to review instructions in your care kit to avoid any exposure to fungus.

What do they do during the treatment session?

Your toenails and/or fingernails will be trimmed, cleaned and filed (debrided) prior to the laser treatment. The laser treatment will take about 10 minutes to treat all toenails. A prescription topical medication will be applied after the laser eradiation is complete. Your physician will discuss post-treatment care to avoid re-infections.

When will I see results?

You will notice results within 2-4 months, depending on how quickly your toenails grow. New, clear growth begins to appear at the bottom portion of your nail as the diseased portion of the nail grows out. In about 9-10 months after the first treatment the nails should clear and grow out completely. You should stick to the Nail'n'Toe preventive regimen prescribed by the provider at all times.

Can the fungus come back?

Care Kit, house decontamination and preventive regimen instructions provided and discussed with every patient are designed to minimize the risk of re-infection. Your medical provider will take care of the fungus in your skin and nails, but it's your job to prevent the relapse. Patient compliance is an important part of the Nail'n'Toe therapy.

What anti-fungal products should I use?

Your doctor will give you presciption medication that will deliver the best results and provide you with a Care Kit. You can buy a Care Kit now and apply the amount to the cost of the therapy if you decide to start the therapy with any of Nail'n'Toe providers within three (3) months of the purchase. Save your order confirmation for reference. Visit Nail'n'Toe online store.


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