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At a time of stagnant or diminishing reimbursement rates, adding ancillary services could be the stimulus your practice needs.

Nail’n’Toe proprietary therapeutic methods and business model relate to the field of medical treatment of common tinea and candida infections as well as rejuvenation of feet, toes, and nails.

Nail’n’Toe addresses all aspects of a comprehensive course of treatment, which can provide the highest cure rate now and, going forward, will continue improving with technological advances in each individual modality, component and aspect of the therapy.


The OTC pharmaceutical industry and unregulated use of home remedies have impacted consumer’s perception of foot and nail disorders by simplifying these complex disorders. As a result millions of people suffer from fungal foot and nail infections for decades and spend thousands of dollars on topical and oral medications, which lack clinical efficacy and may have harmful side effects.

Conventional monotherapies, such as topical and oral drugs, drug delivery devices, lasers and light source modalities, address one single and standalone treatment modality and typically ignore patient’s environment decontamination and prevention. Single modalities, no matter how effective they may be, provide limited long term curative efficacy, and most patients contract an infection again.

Medical practitioners in the U.S. tend to underestimate the importance of the patient’s environment decontamination and prevention of reinfection, since these aspects of the therapy are outside of the traditional medical care.

Latest advances in the development of medications, drug delivery systems and devices, as well as in the laser and light-based technologies, have created the need for an efficacious therapy combining various treatment modalities, sanitization and prevention measures to provide a synergistic effect on patients’ skin and nail health and the quality of life.

Nail’n’Toe provides methods of combining the most effective medical and environmental solutions available into a comprehensive and synergistic therapy course, which will help dramatically increase cure rates.

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