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Nail and Skin Fungus
Got thick and ugly nails? Red and scaly skin? Most likely you have a fungal nail infection. Just like about 30 million people in the U.S. alone. Tenia pedis, onychomycosis, psoriasis? Some people suffer for decades...

treatment options and cures for nail fungus

Traditional "Cures"
Had fungus for years? Have you tried oral medications? Topical creams from the pharmacy? Miracle cures from the Internet? Home remedies? Still losing the battle? The truth is: monotherapies do not work!

Nail'n'Toe fungus laser treatment developed by doctors

Nail'n'Toe Therapy
Developed by doctors, i.e. not by laser, equipment or drug manufacturers, Nail'n'Toe is a comprehensive protocol utilizing multiple treatment modalities, latest advances in medicine and technology, and prevention.

anti-fungal products and hygiene items for fungus

Products Center
Unique proprietary care kits and specialty products not available in any other stores. All components are developed, tested and recommended or prescribed by doctors. Cost of kits may be applicable to the cost of therapy.

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Fungus Free Zone
Get rid of nail fungus on toes and fingers and keep it away!


Nail’n’Toe™ is the most comprehensive therapy available in the United States today. Using this advanced treatment protocol our doctors can eliminate fungus, clear nails, and help prevent fungal infections.

Nail'nToe includes:

1. Initial evaluation

2. A 12 week therapy course: 3-4 doctor visits. Additional treatment may be prescribed in some cases and will be provided at no extra charge.

All toes on both feet are treated. A treatment session includes:

  • nail debridement (clipping and filing),
  • laser treatment of the soft tissue under nails (nail bed),
  • prescription topical medication.

Patients are also provided with:

  • household decontamination and sanitization instructions,
  • preventive regimen.

3. Care Kit (optional, but strongly recommended for purchase online):

  • ultraviolet shoe sanitizer,
  • antifungal socks,
  • personal hygiene items for foot and toe care.

No Pain (no needles or local anesthetic). No Downtime.

Do you treat finger nail fungus?

Yes! Very effectively. Finger treatment takes less time and is cheaper than the treatment of toes.

How much? How do I pay?

Insurance does not cover the therapy. An average fee for the whole course of toenail treatment is about $900. Finger treatment is in the $550-650 range. We offer 0% interest deffered payment plans for 6, 12 and 18 months, so you can get the treatment for as low as $50/month.

Get serious about toenail fungus

Take It Seriously
Fungal nail bed infections are not just a cosmetic concern. If left untreated onychomycosis will get worse. You can get Paronychia, Onycholysis, permanent nail damage; and fungi may spread.

Prescription drugs are toxic and may do more harm than good. Surgical removal of nails is a serious trauma and the fungus may survive.

OTC creams, home remedies and miracle cures sold online do not work!

Having a couple of toes zapped by a low-power laser cannot be effective. Re-infection is common, i.e. fungus may come back.

Any monotherapy has its flaws - get your fungus treated by the pros!

Nail'n'Toe is a patent-pending treatment protocol that has been proved to be highly effective in over 5,000 cases done by our group since March 2009 in Florida alone.

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