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Nail and Skin Fungus
Got thick and ugly nails? Red and scaly skin?
Most likely you have a fungal nail infection. Just like about 30 million people in the U.S. alone. Tenia pedis, onychomycosis, psoriasis? Some people suffer for decades...

treatment options and cures

Traditional "Cures"
Had fungus for years? Have you tried oral meds? Topical creams from your drug store? Miracle cures from the Internet? Home remedies? Still losing the battle? The truth is: monotherapies do not work!

Nail'n'Toe laser treatment developed by doctors

Nail'n'Toe Therapy
Developed by doctors, i.e. not by laser, equipment or drug manufacturers, Nail'n'Toe is a comprehensive protocol utilizing multiple treatment modalities, latest advances in medicine and technology, and prevention.

anti-fungal products and hygiene items to help fungus removal

Products Center
Antifungal socks, UV sanitization and specialty hygiene products not available in any other stores. Developed, tested, recommended or prescribed by physicians, and sold online at discounted prices.

Eliminate Toenail Fungus and Keep It Away. Learn More about Laser Treatment of Fungal Nail Infections.

Skin and Nail Infections

bacterial viral and fungal infections

Our skin helps protect us from germs, but sometimes it gets infected by them. Common types of skin infections are:

  • Bacterial: Cellulitis, Impetigo and Staphylococcal infections.
  • Viral: Shingles, warts, and herpes simplex.
  • Fungal: Athlete's foot, toe and nail fungal and yeast infections.

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Fungal and yeast infections are caused by a fungus. Mushrooms, mold, mildew and yeast are examples of fungi, which live in air, soil, water and on plants. Some live in the human body.

Only about half of all types of fungi are harmful to humans. Toe and finger nail fungus is in that group.

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tinea infections

Tinea is the name of a group of skin and nail diseases caused by a fungus. Types of tinea include:

  • Tinea pedis - foot infection (Athlete's foot)
  • Tinea cruris - infections affecting the groin (Jock itch)
  • Tinea capitis - scalp
  • Tinea corporis - body areas, aka ringworm
  • Tinea barbae - beards
  • Tinea unguium - nails

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easy to treat fungal infections

For skin and minor nail infections, you can apply medicine directly to the infected area. Oral anti-fungal drugs are used for serious infections.

Some of the better OTC creams may help get rid of many tinea infections, e.g. athlete's foot and jock itch. Other cases require comprehensive medical attention.

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hard to treat fungal infections

Fungal infections under nails, aka Tinea unguium or Onychomycosis, are typically very hard to treat, because the nasty fungi are protected by nails. Topical medications cannot penetrate through the nail. Oral medications may be toxic and are not recommended for children, elderly people and diabetic patients.

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Nail Diseases

chart of nail anatomy showing nail bed, nail plate, folds, lunula and nail matrix

As the new nail is growing out of the matrix the fungus-free clearance of lunula is what you and your doctor will look for to assess the efficacy of the therapy.

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Nail'n'Toe - clear healthy toenails

Made up of layers of hardened protein (keratin), toenails and fingernails protect the softer tissues of your toes and fingers.

Ingrown nails and minor injuries may lead to serious problems, such as bacterial and fungal infections (Onychomycosis), which require medical treatment.

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conventional treatments of fungal nail infections are questionable

Doctor prescribed topical medications, home remedies, anti-fungal solutions from a local pharmacy and miracle cures from the Internet will not help the vast majority of patients with nail infections. Any home-based treatment course is a challenge for a long time. Relapse is very common.

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monotherapies for toenail fungus do not work

Topical medications cannot go through thick fungal nails. Oral medications are known to have systemic side effects. There is no good monotherapy, and millions of people with mycotic nails suffer from this disorder for decades.

Fungus in the nail is a complex problem, which requires a comprehensive approach.

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comprehensive therapy for fungal infections

A comprehensive long term therapy is required to cure fungus in the nail and reduce the probability of recurrence.

Such therapy must include the use of multiple treatment modalities, including laser, critical patient’s environment decontamination efforts, preventive regimen and patient's compliance.

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Nail'n'ToeSM Therapy

proprietary treatment system developed by doctors

Nail'n'ToeSM therapy is a proprietary system developed by doctors - not by equipment or drug manufacturers, which is typical for all monotherapies.

Nail'n'Toe is designed to provide the highest efficacy achievable with the current level of reliable medicine and advanced laser technologies.

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Components of laser treatment

Minimum two medical office-based treatment sessions, which include nail debridement (trimming and filing); use of laser or other light-based device for fungus; application of topical medication (directly or in a nanoemulsion and/or with the use of a delivery device).

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Care kit

Patients can get care kits, which may include:

  • Ultra violet shoe sanitizer
  • Proprietary topical medication
  • Anti-fungal socks
  • Anti-fungal personal hygiene products
  • Instructions on prevention

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household sanitization

Customized environment decontamination instructions are provided to the patient. These instructions include practical advice on many aspects of household sanitization.

The fungus can be killed in your finger and toe nails, but the doctor can't remove the fungi from your home.

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prevention of fungus relapse

Customized preventive regimen is provided to the patient: detailed descriptions of possible risks of reinfection; nail care instructions; requirements for hosiery, shoes and nail instruments; as well as recommendations on boosting the immune system, lifestyle and diet changes.

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Anti-fungal Care Kits

Nail'n'Toe topical antifungal

Nail'n'Toe continues the development of highly effective topical medications to facilitate the nail clearance, growth of healthy nails and to prevent reinfections. These are either prescribed by the provider and made available through a compound pharmacy, or provided in an OTC form.

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shoe sanitizer

If you are serious about getting rid of fungus, you have two options:

  • get rid of ALL your shoes, or
  • treat ALL shoes with the UV shoe sanitizer.

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anti-fungal socks

New socks, made of anti-fungal fabric (bamboo, copper, silver or other agents), should be used on a regular basis

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anti-fungal shoes

Nail'n'ToeSM recommends shoes made with special anti-fungal agents. They must be comfortable and should be worn whenever possible.

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We offer anti-fungal soaps, soaking products, towels and more. Prices are similar to your regular good quality personal hygiene items.

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Reliable medicine & advanced laser technologies can treat embarrassing nail fungus. Nail’n’Toe - now you can!


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Nail Fungus Treatment Options
Topical medications and home remedies do not work. Prescription drugs have a better cure rate but may harm your liver. Surgical removal of nails is a serious trauma and the fungus may survive. Having a couple of toes zapped by a laser may be effective but re-infection is typical. Any monotherapy has its flaws ... more

Get serious about toenail fungus

Take It Seriously
Fungal nail bed infections are not just a cosmetic concern. If left untreated onychomycosis will get worse. You can get Paronychia, Onycholysis, permanent nail damage; and fungi may spread to other parts of the body. There are no miracle home cures or shortcuts to get rid of fungus. Consult with a Nail'n'Toe doctor, start the therapy and comply with the Nail'n'Toe comprehensive course of treatment ... more


Welcome to Fungus-Free Zone

Pharmaceutical industry, wide-spread use of home remedies and "miracle cures" sold on the Internet have impacted consumer’s perception of foot and nail disorders by simplifying these complex diseases. As a result millions of people suffer from fungal foot and nail infections for decades and spend thousands of dollars on medications, which lack clinical efficacy and may have harmful side effects.

All anti-fungal drugs, lasers and light source devices used as one single standalone treatment modality (monotherapy) provide limited long term curative efficacy. Patient’s environment decontamination and prevention are typically ignored by practitioners, and most patients contract an infection again.


Forget over-the-counter medications and home remedies! Stay clear of toxic drugs. Beware of medical practices, which claim that one laser treatment of a couple of fungal nails will kill the fungi forever. Consider a comprehensive course of treatment. Consider Nail'n'Toe! Contact us NOW!


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